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What data is stored?

Why we store the data and how we use it?

Who can read this data?

All data we collect is encrypted to AES's standards and protected via various forms of authentication. All stored data can only be accessed by the developer of the bot.

Data purges:

Data purges are periodic automatic removals of your data from our systems. Every month, we remove all cached channel and webhook IDs stored by us and re-fetch them from Discord. We also purge all unused stored message content data.

Data removal:

Users can directly join our support server can open a new ticket request a takedown for their data, our server moderators will verify this request and can be deleted by the developer easily. Other per guild data can be easily deleted if you opt-out and/or delete by running respective commmands for it from the command menu.

Any user may request deletion of infractions of which they were the responsible by you.
You may not request deletion of infractions that target you, unless consent is given by the regarding server's owner.

Date we will not remove:

You or your server's/user's blacklist status.
You or your server's antinuke modules.
Any stored internal blacklist infractions against you or your server.

Questions and Concerns:

If you are concerned about the data stored, or have any questions, join the official support server and open a ticket.

⚠️ Note: We reserve the right to change the above without notifying our users.

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